Last date in a table

  • 20 October 2022
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Hello everyone, I have a question about the  data type: date in Looker.

I need to show the last date where a product has been sold in a table. 

For example, I have a product and a lot of columns, including product information, sales amount,  number of pieces bought (purchases) and more. I show the date, but I need the date of the last sale and the date of the last purchase.

This table that I get isn’t what I need, because it shows all the days in wich there has been sales. I need that the table shows only one data row per product and only the last date in wich there has been a purchase and a another data row that shows the last date in wich there has been a sale.

I tried with MAX( ) in semantic layer but the field doesn’t work.

I tried too with table calculations and custom filters, but it is difficult to work with dates on those tools.

Thank you in advance. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon, 


Best regards. 


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