Labels under X axis, sorted data when pivoted and colours when not pivoted on bar chart

  • 20 July 2018
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I was informed it was not possible to have the following graph sorted and have the text directly under the graph on the x-axis. It would be great to be able to sort my data and have my labels aligned under the axis for your next release.

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6 replies

Thank you Christine, you are correct: you can only display Y-axis values “inside” the visualizations at the moment.

I am passing you comments to the Product team.

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Hello, this feature would be really helpful, at least to be able to sort when pivoted, please kindly let me know if you have any updates:)

Would you know if it is possible with custom viz to have it sorted when pivoted?

Hi Christine,

I have shared again your interest to Eng and Product. My understanding is that there are no OOB custom visualisations that do the trick, but as you might have heard that part of the product is community-driven and changes very quick.

Thank you.

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Excellent thank you for your prompt reply Diego:)

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Hi @diego.campos, is there any update on being able to sort on pivots (highest to lowest)?

Hello @dvd.p!

Have you checked this resource --> ?

There is a workaround to customize the pivot sorting based on a case structure. Let me know if that is helpful or not.