Keyboard shortcut Command-K or Ctrl+K

  • 9 December 2019
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We use Looker dashboards in our customers’ LMS installs. After trying to clear dashboard filters with one of our customers, it was found that the shortcut Command-K or Ctrl+K worked for some but not for others. I myself was not able to clear dashboard filters using this shortcut on a Mac in Firefox Version 70.0.1 and in Google Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108. Is there a reason why this would be?

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The cmd+k clear isn’t intended to work on dashboards. It should always work in explores, though, so perhaps you saw it working on some pages because they were embedded explores?

Here’s the full list of keyboard shortcuts split out by active page:

(PS: Thank you for included the browsers and versions! If this were a bug, that would have been really useful 🙂)