Issue with Looker Alerts

  • 29 June 2021
  • 3 replies

Hello evryone,

I am new to looker and trying to create my first alert. Requirement is simple when a status filed (calculated field) is greater than 1 looker should send an email. Though couple of records value is more than 1 still not sending an alert. I didn’t schedule a delivery ,just created an alert. 

FYI : Row count exceeds 5000

I wanted the looker  to check every 15 min if the calculated field is greater than 1. 

Snap of the alert :


Can anyone please help me what needs to be done? 


3 replies

Do you have access to the Alerts and Alert History section under “Admin”?


I want to know if the alert is running and whether there are any errors keeping it from working before digging into the calculation and the data. Hope we can figure it out!

Sorry I don't have admin access.Let me check with my co worker.

The Alert History shows that the condition was not met. But alert is set on a simple  table calculation.

Here is the calculation for Table column :



I created an alert to send an email if the above field is greater than 1 (I see couple of records greater than 1 for the table calculation field  in the dashboard) .