Issue with calcualted fields while copying dashbaords

  • 13 July 2017
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Hi, I seen that sometime when I copy dashbaord, the looks whic hare copied are dropping calculated fields from the looks. Is it the known issue? Or is there any fix on that?

3 replies

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Hey @kshah7, I’d love to take a closer look at this behavior. Would it be possible to visit with screenshots of what you’re seeing along with the version you are currently on? Thank you!

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I fixed this by manually adding the calculatiosn again in the look so there is nothing that I can send in screenshot. I am using Looker version 4.14.24.

Also let’s see if I modified looks, but at the dashbaord level it still shows the older looks (even after selecting clear cache and rerun option). I have to go back to the space and again run the same dashbaord (is it not the same as running same url again or clearing the cache?).

Hi @kshah7, this sounds like a browser cache issue. Dashboards and Looks share the same query cache, so if you’re seeing the issue after clearing browser cache please reach out to Support or open a chat session in Looker for assistance. Thanks!