Is there a way to show city names on top of Static Map / Map in Looker?

Hi everyone, i found a topojson file and implement map_layer_name : “abc.topojson” and saw the city locations in a heatmap format. however i want to see citynames and its measure value without clicking city name or hover over on the map.


To make myself clearer, i tried to implement tableau to looker migration for heatmaps. In tableau we can  see city names and its measure value on top of the map. i tried to implement this on looker as well. can i manage to do this with just a topojson file or do i have to use mapbox/streetmap extension for looker which needs an extra ephor/job?


I add an tableau example as well. Here we can see city/territory with its values. no need to hover over or click. Thanks.


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Oh yes that is one thing thhat I would love to have in Looker maps. Not a tooltip but labels and labels with values. Currently it’s not possible..

Thanks Dawid, can i managed to do this with streetmap/mapbox extension though? Do you have any previous experience with mapbox on looker? I found this link and i may tried to implement mapbox on looker if my question could be solved.