Is there a way to filter specific days (I.e. Tuesdays) in Looks?

  • 31 January 2018
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Hi there

I’m the Head of Marketing for a tech company and my team’s goal is new Leads.

I want to be able to look at number of leads by day, and then comparing to that same day in other weeks.

So for instance, I want to be able to see a table or a bar chart or something that shows me how many leads we got on Tuesday 30th, and on Tuesday the 23rd, and on Tuesday 16th, etc.

But this bar chart/table should only show me Tuesdays, no other days.

For various reasons, the number of leads we get is very dependent on the day so it would be good to be able to look at this Tuesday compared to all the previous Tuesday’s to see if we’re improving.

Look forward to hearing from some of the Looker geniuses out there!

2 replies

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This is indeed possible, what you’ll need to do is update the model for your date field such that you can access the day_of_week timeframe.

The definition should look something like this (assuming your date field is called “Lead Generation Date”):

dimension_group: lead_generation {

type: time

sql: ${TABLE}.lead_generation_date

timeframes: [date, year, month, day, **day_of_week**, ...]


This will then allow you to filter on the field Lead Generation Day of Week = “Tuesday” in the explore page, and then you can look at leads per day and you’ll only be shown the days that were a Tuesday.

Hope this helps,


Hey @Aaron_Beashel !

Andrew’s solution is pretty much on point! You’d want to add the “day_of_week” timeframe to your date dimension group, and then from there, you’d be able to filter for all your Tuesdays using “day_of_week” in your explore/look.

One thing to note, however, is that Dimension Fill may be turned on for your date field when running your query (you’ll know this by whether or not the Dimension Fill icon is next to the date field’s title in the result table). This would cause all the dates between your Tuesdays to be included in the results.

In the event that Dimension Fill pops up and you’d like to turn it off, all you’d need to do is hover over the title of the date dimension in the result table (under your data tab) and press the gear button that pops up to the right of the title. From there, press “Remove Filled in Dates” which then turns off Dimension Fill!

Here’s a link to a handy doc that outlines the steps more in-depth.

Also, thanks for chiming in @powellandy. Much appreciated!