Is there a way to create/view dimension hierarchy in single column in table?

I have unbalanced hierarchy to display in looker. Want to display that in table. Is there any option to display unbalanced hierarchy?

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You wold have to flatten your hierarchy to fit it into a table format. Like:

  1. A
    1. A.1
  2. B
  3. C
    1. C.1
    2. C.2
    3. C.3

Would become

A | A.1

B | 

C | C.1

C | C.2

C | C.3

Each level of the hierarchy is a separate column

Dawid -


Thanks for your reply. I have done this but I have too many null columns because of unbalanced hierarchy with Fact. Is there a better way to visualize all hierarchy in single column?



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What is your desired output here?

This is my desired output


Hierarchy Fact
A 123
B 234
   B2 34
      B3 23
          B4 12
C 345
  C2 345
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You’d have to create some kind of number in SQL that would actually order it this way. Perhaps then you could use liquid and HTML parameter to insert number of spaces in front. But since I don’t have data like this, I can’t really test such solution, so this is just from the top of my head