Is there a way to create a single table that pulls columns from different Explores?

So if I have a table with column A by year, and another with column B by year, is there a way to create A + B by year without merging the datasets in the Model?

Can be done with two tables in a dashboard?

Or is merging the datasets the only way to do this?


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Hi jimRL,

Thanks for your question. Generally merging or joining the other table in the model file would be the way to get that column if the two tables were in the same database and connection.

If column A and column B are in two separate databases, this is currently not possible in Looker but is a feature are working on for future releases.



if the db’s are on the same instance you can still do a crossdb join with a sql view and build your looker view on that…or you could write a DRT that does the crossdb join…kinda hacky but its an option…

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Very true - we call those federated joins.

So only way to join 2 tables from different explores is to do it through LookML? No way to do it through the UI when creating looks?

Hi @Jon_L,

So currently it is not possible to create a Look using two different Explores through the UI. We are working on a feature called ‘Stitched Queries’ that will allow you to do this in the Look UI but that is still in progress.

Keep an eye out on upcoming Release Notes here.

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Hey Spencer, sorry to revive a dead horse here but are some semblance of federated joins (or ‘stitched queries’) still on the roadmap? For cost and timing reasons, we are ETL’ing on a scheduled basis instead of streaming source data, but much of our ETL’ed data in our warehouse (feature tables) is fairly static. We’d love to leverage using some of that clean feature data with source data in the same queries so that we can approximate streaming for things like sales pipeline management (source documents which change extremely rapidly, but reference features like ‘salesperson name’ that are almost 100% likely to exist in the warehouse by the time sales documents are created).

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This is available in Looker as ‘Merged Results’, you can ‘join/merge’ the results from different explores (so also different models & connections).

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Looker killing it again - 33 minute turnaround time with a perfect answer. Thanks Brecht!

Hello! I am looking to format the results of several merged queries pulling from different databases.

Right now, the results are all on one row like so:

I would like for the results to line up neatly with just three column headers.

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks! (Cross posted at Reformatting Merged Results)

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Replied to you over on the other thread!