Is there a way to change font size in "SINGLE VALUE" Visualizations

  • 23 August 2016
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34 replies

Will you be bringing it back? Would be useful if we could adjust the size of the Single Value.

Not a problem. I figured that was the case since changing the font size mixed with the dynamic dashboard layouts could be difficult.

Thanks for the update.

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Hi @srivera, it looks like we have stopped supporting font_size for single value visualizations. I’ll work on getting that removed from the docs.

I’m building LookML dashboards.

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Hello @srivera, are you building a User Defined Dashboard or a LookML dashboard?

The documentation here states that you can do this using

font_size: small | medium | large

But this does not appear to work.

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@Aron_Clymer Responding to a discourse post is a great way to let us know that you’re interested in a suggested product idea. You can also visit if you’re more comfortable writing an email.

I really need this too 🙂 Is there a better way to vote for a product suggestion rather that replying to a thread like I am doing now?

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Hi @arigela_vignesh, that isn’t currently possible but I will let the product team know you’re interested in this!