Is it possible to visualize only the the totals?

  • 12 June 2019
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Hey guys!

After stalking the threads for quite long, I have finally decided to make an account to ask silly questions and hopefully contribute some answers.

Anyways, I am currently trying to understand how I can visualize only the specific totals of specific rows in the look. This way when they’re visualized in the dashboard’s title, they can see the totals and click in and see how those totals came about.

I have found a way to add all the individuals to a report and the credits they’ve earned (to be totaled) however I only want to display the overall totals and maybe a percentage change between those totals in the tile.

I have attached a screenshot of the report (had to remove the sensitive data) and outlined the two rows id like to total.


The other totals are not important and can be hidden from the report.

5 replies

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Hiya @kehv1n,

If that is actually the only thing you want to show, why not get rid of all the dimensions and only select the two measures you want the total value of?

With a Single Value visualisation, you can then compare the two.

Or use a Column visualisation and Show Percent of Previous for comparison.



Hey @DaanIF

Thanks so much for taking your time to discuss my question.

I’d love to do that! The only issue is there are more dimensions ie First Name, Last Name, etc that need to be shown:

At a glance, the only thing thats really important are the totals I mentioned before. However, if I want to see how those totals are derived I should be able to “drill down” into the number.

I didn’t want to use a drill down because that involved creating/altering a view. The user only cares about the totals but would want to see what individuals that number is counting upon.

I am hoping this is a visualization problem and will continue to explore it as such.



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Hi @kehv1n,

You can also put ALL those dimensions and measures in the drill_fields of the two measures (maybe even make two separate measures, specifically with this drill-down ability), still using my previous approach. Then, clicking on the (total) value, will result in a drill-down being exactly your table.


I am not sure how you want to see those dimensions ánd only show the two total numbers. But if you really want this table to be underlying to a Look showing only those two numbers, a different approach is still possible.

Since you want to show the totals of a column that is hidden, you will have to get those totals back up again in non-hidden columns.

You can add two Table Calculations:

Total Pga Req Count, and Total PGA Met Count, probably something like this:


Make sure ALL other measures are hidden. Then, choosing the Single Value visualisation with the Show Comparison switch ON, should show both totals as in my image below.

This visualisation shows the first two values in reading order (left to right, top to bottom).

Note: The first of the two will be bigger than the other.

In my experience, the best way to work with this kind of visualisation is in a Dashboard.

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As a workaround, you can select “Limit Displayed Rows” in the visualization settings (gear dropdown) and then select “Hide the First 1000 rows” (or some other, large enough number).

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Similar to this, I want to know if you can add a total to a visualisation.