Is it possible to Transpose multiple dimensions in a table view?

  • 2 August 2021
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Hi Lookers,

I am working on a requirement to create a transaction search report.

The report will need to use a drill to functionality; where the user can search for a particular transaction and be able to view the receipt details upon clicking/selecting a particular ‘Receipt No’(dimension)

The data source is a single table created using BigQuery.

Report 1: Click the receipt No and be able to view Report 2( Receipt Details)

Report 1: where the user searchs for different Receipt Nos

Report 2:

Above is Report 2: Rendered as a result of selecting a receipt no from Report 1. )But, the layout of the report needs to be transposed. (As portrayed below)

However, the requirement is to have a transposed view of the receipt details(report 2 above)

Example from Tableau:

Report 1:

Report 1: where a transaction is searched and a particular receipt no is selected.

Report 2:

This is the Receipt Details report, rendered upon selecting a Receipt No from Report 1.


I am looking to replicate similar layout and UI in Looker and seeking advice.

I am trying to create a ‘drill to’ using custom html. But, need help to transpose the layout.

Thanks in advance.

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