Is it possible to filter all other charts on the dashboard based on selection of a value from one chart?

  • 2 November 2015
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For example I have four charts on a dashboard. What I want is that if I click on a bar from the first chart my other three charts should be able to filter based on that. Currently when I click a bar it takes me to the edit page of that chart.

11 replies

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Hey @rubab, This is not currently available in Looker. It’s definitely something we are going to do and we are actively scoping it. There is a workaround that may get you part of the way there. You can add an HTML link to the dimension such that a user can select a link and inject the dimension value into the dashboard filter. In your example, this would filter all 4 charts by the selected dimension value. You can read about how to do this here.

There are clearly limitations to this workaround. We are working on the full solution and will keep you posted.

Just checking to see if this is going to be an added function anytime soon or if there is progress on it since this post is several months. Thanks!

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Hi @Travmackey, this is still being scoped as a possible feature addition. In the meantime, you might be interested in dashboards filters that update multiple tiles. See the documentation here. Instead of clicking, say, a bar from one tile chart and have the other tile charts filter accordingly, you can set a filter that applies to all tiles simultaneously.

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This is also something I’m very interested in, and is a feature available in many other BI tools. Is this feature available yet? If not, when?

Is there any update on this? Will this be part of the new dashboard experience that’s in Beta right now?

Any official response about the status of this feature? This is a must-have feature for BI tools.

As of May last year, this feature was being designed. Perhaps we’ll see it sooner than later 🙂

Any new possibilities?

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This feature is in a closed beta test right now— If you reach out to your Looker account team, they can hook you up!

Hi! Is this live now?

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Yes, it’s called Cross Filtering, you can enable it by clicking on Filters while in editing mode of a Dashboard:

Then, when you click on, for example, part of a pie chart, all the other tiles get its context: