Is it possible to display Dimension's values on a chart rather than as an axis?

  • 17 June 2019
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I am working on displaying our teams goals + actuals on a chart and am having trouble. I would like to display their goals as one line on a chart and their actual numbers as another line on that chart. Currently, I can only display the Measure (actuals) and can not display their goals as they were uploaded as constant numbers in a Dimension field.

I imagine my options are

  1. Turn their goals from a Measure to Dimension

  2. Somehow visualize the Measure

Thank you!

1 reply

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Hey @JRyan!

Welcome to the community! 😃

For a quick fix, I would suggest you create a Custom Measure, being the maximum of the goal-dimension. (Given that its type is a number.)

Clicking on the cog next to the goal dimension and selecting “Max” could already do the trick.

Note: This does sort-of assume there is an other dimension (not hidden) that assures there is only one goal for each row.

I hope this helps!

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