Is it possible to create custom dimensionn using a measure ?

  • 3 March 2022
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I want to use a pivot and add some measures ignoring the pivot column. 

I have data something similar to below.


Department OrderID OrderTotal ItemsSold Quantity Cost
Dept1 Order1 600 Item1 6 100
Dept1 Order2 400 Item2 8 50
Dept2 Order3 1200 item2 4 300
Dept2 Order4 300 item3 5 60


In the above example i have three metrics.


I need to create a data report similar to below.


    Item1 Item2 Item3
Department SalesPerDepartment Cost Quantity Cost Quantity Cost Quantity
Dept1 1000 100 6 50 8    
Dept2 1500     300 4 60 5


Sales need to be aggregated per department and cost and quantity need to be shown at item level in a same view. If i take all there three metrics and pivot on Itemsold, I can see the three metrics at item and department level, but i want to bypass item level aggregation for sales and show only at Department level. To achieve this i might have to create a custom dimension but still aggregates at dpeartment level.



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