Is it possible for users to persist their search filter settings in Explore dashboards in looker like schedule dashboard?

  • 17 September 2018
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Hi Looker Support,

Actually, I am looking for a feature for persisting the search value in filters of dashboards for users.

Is it possible to do it in looker?

Like there is an option for saving the filters in the schedule a dashboard. So the user login again and open the same dashboard and they can see the last filters value in schedule.

Is it possible to do the same thing for dashboards? So if user login again so they can see their last time saved filters for particular dashboards.

11 replies

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Hi Asha,

If you are scheduling a Look or dashboard and it has filters, you can specify the filters for each scheduled delivery, which lets you customise the results for each set of recipients.

To make customised deliveries even easier, you can use the matches a user attribute filter option if your Looker admins have configured user-specific values called “user attributes.” Setting a filter to one of these attributes automatically customises the results for each user, meaning that you can send out customised results with only one schedule. You can read more about user attributes here.

Hoping this answers your question!

Bernard Kavanagh

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Hi Bernard,

I want this functionality for dashboards not for schedule. Schedule is working fine.

But i am looking for the the functionality for dashboard where the top level filters persist the value from each user previous search history.

So if i select a filter value in top level filters and then logout. So, when i login in again then i wanted to see the same filter value for that dashboard.

Thank you.

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There is no way to do this directly from the dashboard itself. However, you can create a metadata and usage report in i__looker that details the query history for any piece of saved content, be it a dashboard, look or otherwise.

Using the usage report, you can filter the dashboard id and user name. By clicking the query_link dimension, it will then open the previous run with the same filter values you wish to see. You can also check the filter configuration used on any previous run in i__looker.

I have made an example explore for you here: (please paste this after the .com in your normal Looker URL) If it does not work for you, please ask an admin to open the URL.,,,history.real_dash_id,query.formatted_filters&f[history.real_dash_id]=109&f[]=&sorts=query.created_date+desc&limit=500&query_timezone=America%2FLos_Angeles&vis=%7B%7D&

If you have any further questions regarding i__looker, the above URL or other usage reports please click here, hop on chat or visit

Kind regards,


Looker support - any chance this functionality is now on the roadmap or possible?  All of our users would love the ability to favorite a filter set or to remember filters used on a dashboard so that they do not have to reenter the filter selections every time.  This is a big piece of feedback from my end users.




Voting this up, this is highly requested by our customers as well (we are using embed)

Yes, this feature would be great!

Is there an open request for this I can vote for? A user just asked for this and I’m embarrassed to tell them to save the url as a bookmark or on a google doc.

I’m also very interested in the feature as our end users are constantly asking for this. Please let me know if we have a vote somewhere so the feature can be prioritised to be developed?

I upvote as well. Our users copy dashboards on their personal folder to set their own filters which duplicate the content.

it would be super super useful to be able to star dashboard with personal filters 

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A rubbish workaround is to pin to a board the url of the dashboard with the filters set 

A rubbish workaround is to pin to a board the url of the dashboard with the filters set 

I do the same.
And I am against having people copy dashboards into their folders for any reason. This can cause consistency problems when dashboards are updated in time and these personal versions stay outdated.

And I upvote this feature request as well!