Is Font Awesome supported in Upgraded Dashboards?

  • 28 January 2021
  • 3 replies

We’ve been using Font Awesome via liquid HTML for Single Value tiles in legacy dashboards for some time now, which look great. However, they don’t seem to work in Single Value tiles within Upgraded Dashboards.


For example, I want to use this “cogs” icon:
HTML: <i class="fas fa-cogs"></i>


If we remove the “s” from “fas”, this icon works on a legacy dashboard (see below screenshots for before and after): <i class="fa fa-cogs"></i>


However, both versions of the above HTML appear without an icon in an Upgraded Dashboard (dashboard-next):

Do we know if Font Awesome is yet supported for Upgraded Dashboards (specifically, Single Value tiles/looks)?

3 replies

We are also having this issue and need a work around so we can upgrade to the new embeds without loosing the visual features the font awesome icons provide.

I actually noticed behavior that might help indicate why they’re not loading initially:

The icons do not load at all until I edit the dashboard and edit a tile. I can see the Font Awesome icons load before the edit tile pop-up fully loads (goes full screen).

For us, all of our dashboards are Lookml based. We have these icons attached to certain dimensions and measures and with legacy dashboards they show up in single value visualizations and tables. We also use the html parameter for those to provide variable colors based on the measure value, that html loads in just fine with the dashboards-next