Is Equal To filter, AND instead of OR/IN

  • 3 April 2020
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I have a filter with hundreds of options. I have it set to use “is equal to” but the looker behavior is to do a where field in (value1, value2). What I need is for it to be where field = value1 and field = value2.

Custom Filters is not the right solution because I can’t expect users to do that.

Is this even possible?

7 replies

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Hi Chris! Could you provide a little more background? how could a field = "Value1" AND field = "Value2"?

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Your question led me to conclude my question is insanity. I have a bad data model and need to make it better.

Sheesh. This was an embarrassing post!

Hi, I have the same problem as Chris first posted. Whilst I realise he decided in the end it was not what he needed. I do believe I need it. I am looking at a list of locations and only want the results to show should both criteria apply, hence the need for “AND”;

If the site has been visited 3 or more times in the last 14 days AND also been visited 4 or more times in the last 30 days. I am using a “Date Raised Date” as my field filter. Is it possible to apply this, at the moment it is only giving me the option as an “OR”


Hi @JohnRomanski - a customer could be tagged as “tag 1” and “tag2” since there’s a one to many relationship between a customer and a tag.  Has this request been solutioned yet? 

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filter on “tag=tag1 or tag=tag2” having count of tags = 2

Hi, I also have a use case where my data contains a combination key as a string and I need to build filtering so users can match multiple substrings within the key. Ideally this would look like contains “substring1” AND contains “substring2”. Currently can only use OR statements.