Improved UI for Looker's Refresh Button when changing filters

  • 10 November 2021
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Hey team, 

Loving the power and simplicity Looker reports, however there’s one simple feature which we’re seeing as severely limiting use for users that are not accustomed to the reports and can cause unnecessary churn in report usage or bug reports from users.

Users can often be tripped up / confused when updating filter due to the fact that the report does not automatically reload once a filter field value is set. It makes sense not to auto refresh the report as this is expensive and may be premature if the user needs to set other filters. 

The main cause is the fact that the refresh button is somewhat hidden / subtle in the right hand corner of the reports and the state change from transparent to blue background on the button is often missed.

Possible Solution?
1) Make the refresh button even more obvious > so that it is clear that this runs the report.
2) Have a dialogue or ‘Apply Filters’ button closer to the filters which pops up when user has updated a filter to indicate to user that report needs to be reloaded before filters will be applied

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