How we can show only the required data in visualization?

  • 10 April 2019
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I created a look % of Alert Created by % of Org and wanted to hide the records with 0% from visualization. There are various Date Measures used in visualization, which when toggle shows the another date wise % of Alert. I don’t want to see 0% in my visualization and I want to have X axis format from 0% to 100%.

For Eg:- In given Screenshot, for the highighted date I want to see just 75% org showing 44% of alert. Same with other Date when toggled.

3 replies

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Add in a table calculation of something like:


Then you hide that calculation from your visualization, and you should also have the option to “Hide nos from visualization”

Thanks @Paul_Wadsworth

I already tried this calculation before and no luck.

This calculation works for one date but when I click on the next date to see % of alert it gives me same 75% in visualization whereas it should be 25% of org showing 11% of alert for that date.

I got the solution. I changed else statement of my Date measure to null and by using visualization option I Kept ‘OFF’ plot null values.