How to use the 'Matrix' or 'Heatmap' visualization?

  • 5 July 2018
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Hi there,

I am trying to use the custom ‘Matrix’ visualization (also tried the ‘Heatmap’ one), to show the relationship between two dimensions in a grid format:

I added the ‘matrix.js’, along with the two dependencies ‘utils.js’ and ‘d3.v4.js’.

I chose two dimensions, and a measure, and tried to visualize that in a matrix/grid format:

-> On the x-axis, I am trying to show the dimension ‘product names’ that is being used.

-> On the y-axis, there is another dimension, which is the ‘company names’.

-> The measure here is the count, which is the number of users using each product by company. I was hoping to see darker color grids for high count of usage, and lighter color ones for low counts.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to create one and shows up as blank (I only see the table results in ‘Data’, but nothing in ‘Visualization’ when the ‘Matrix’ option is chosen). Not sure what I am doing incorrectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

9 replies

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Hi @laksh5,

Thanks for reaching out. The Matrix and Heatmap visualizations are not currently available as self-service custom visualizations. Here is the visualization library for self-service custom visualizations (using the Sanboxed Custom Visualizations Labs feature). The library linked above is for our old custom visualizations feature, which was available for self-hosted customers. I have let our product team know that you would like to see these custom visualizations available under the new self-service feature!

Thanks again,


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will the heatmap or matrix ever make it to hosted versions? 

Any news? Still waiting this graph

Any news on this? This is a very obvious visualisation to have!!!

Came hare looking for exactly this.. it saddens me that a such an expensive platform does not have simple matrix / grid heat map..


We are currently moving away from Chartio, which has exactly this.. :(


I would say the Table(Legacy) is the closest built-in chart for heat map visualisations. You select two dimensions (one of which you need to pivot) and one measure. Then in “Edit” go to “Formatting” and “Enable Conditional Formatting”. Select the palette that best fits your needs!

Thank you @edoardogorla!

It works perfectly.


Note: I did not see any significant differences between the Table and Table (Legacy) charts, hence went with the former.

This is really becoming a problem for our organization, a heatmap is a basic visualization across nearly every BI platform.  Is this on a roadmap, and is there an ETA?