How to use template in Looker?

Hello all,

As an actuary I quite often look at the same metrics, displayed in the same format, but split under different dimensions. Therefore one of my prefered dashboard is showing 10 times  the same tile but just changing the dimensions. 

Currently I have 2 big issues to work correctly :

  1. For no reason sometimes the displayed format of my tiles changes, and I need to correct it 10 times to have a dashboard easy to read again.
  2. If I want to change something in the dashboard, adding/removing a metric, changing a title, I need to do it in each single tile, which is quite time consuming

I would love to work in the following way:

  1. I create a "template" where I would setup all the metrics I want to see + their format (size, name, colour, etc.) but no dimension
  2. I create a dashboard with several tiles linked to the template. When I choose to use the template, I can only select the dimensions I want to use + their format - everything related to metrics is locked
  3. Everytime I change the template it automatically update all the related tiles

Does something like this exist already? Do you think it would make sense to create it?

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