How to surface Dashboard metadata like "dashboard last edited by" and "dashboard last modified date"

  • 3 June 2022
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We have created many dashboards over time. Some of them are years out of date in terms of key metrics and how we define them, but sometimes a new employee stumbles upon an old dashboard and doesn’t realize how old it is. I’m wondering if there is a way to make dashboards more like a wiki page or Google Docs where you could easily see some or all of the metadata up at the top such as who created the dashboard, who last edited the board, when it was created, when the dashboard was last modified (separate from last time the data was pulled from the warehouse).


Any tips or advice would be much appreciated!

4 replies

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I don’t think we have anything like a proper history of edits. We do however have Name and Updated Date in Dashboard explore in System Activity

But no more details whether it’s the last update or it will be one to many showing all people who updated the dashboard.



Thanks! I don’t think a history of edits is needed, we’re just trying to make it easy to see if the dashboard has been recently modified and by whom. That is, at a glance. Is it possible to pull that system activity info up to the top of the page? For example, could we add a tile that displays the info for everybody when they load the dashboard?

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@ab-blue-sky-409 How is “Show dashboard details”?






Thanks @matsutaka, I was hoping to put it on the page itself rather than requiring people to click but I’ll try to encourage people to look there first.