How to show KPI's

  • 6 June 2020
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Hi there,

I’m very new to the Looker and need some help to get the KPI indicator on the dashboard. I want to know how to add the KPI indicator in the dashboard. So, suppose if the growth is positive then the indicator should show a ‘green upward triangle’ and if it’s less than 0, I want to show the ‘red downward triangle’. Please find the snapshot for the same.

I saw this on Looker’s website but couldn’t find the tutorial for the same (here’s the website for the same: Any help on this would be highly appreciated.


6 replies

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Hi @Simant_Sah,

For these sort of things, I like to look at official Looker dashboards where these features are being used. If you are an admin, you can do the following:

  • Under “Labs” Setting, enable the Beta feature called “System Activity Model”.

  • Next, click on the “Admin” tab and you will see the new System Activity Dashboards.

  • Select the dashboard called “Database Performance”.

  • Click on the title of the Look called “Results from Cache”. This will open the Look as an Explore.

  • You can now see how the Look is built and can easily recreate it.

I hope this helps! I’m sure you can get it from here. However, if you still don’t understand how to get it, let me know and I can explain how comparisons work in more detail.

All the best,


Thanks, Jasper. It was very helpful!!

How can I do this if I do not have admin access? @Simant_Sah @blue 

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You can achieve that if you grant any user the following permission: see_system_activity 


Then they will be able to access System Activity Explores

from what @Simant_Sah uploaded, the very first image attached. how do I get that add the Total order's text under the KPI number?

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Hi @Kehinde,

The text under the KPI is the title of the Look.

You can also overwrite the title in the Visualization settings.


All the best,