How to set looks height to fit to content in dashbaord

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I have 6 looks in dashbaord and users want it to be delivered as pdf file. Now the height of the looks in dashboard can change based on number of rows/content wrap. Pdf export only displays visible rows not the complete look. Is there anyway to expand the height for the looks as fit to content so it always displays all rows without scroll bar?

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Hey @kshah7, this is something that is not currently available in Looker. This is great feedback, I will relay this to our team so they know you’d like to see the tiles’ height to adjust dynamically based on the data.

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A common problem for us too.

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@Rich1000 thanks for letting us know. I will contact our team to tell them you’re encountering this.

Hi, we’re facing a similar issue to this - is there a solve available or coming up soon?

Hey @mikesat, while there currently isn’t a way to allow for dynamic heights/sizing on dashboard elements, I can definitely pass along your feedback to our product team!


Has this issue been resolved? I am currently running into the same problem for scheduled reports. I see there is a ‘Size All Columns to Fit’ setting for individual tiles. Selecting this works in the moment on the web UI. However, when I refresh the page or export the dashboard to PDF, the autosizing goes away.

You may want to choose the “expand tables” option when downloading.

@romain.ducarrouge  any updates on this? It is a common headache for us as well.

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For the height of tables matching the data, the “Expand Tables” option is the best bet. For the width (showing all columns fully), PDFs will download with a width of 1680px by default, as if you were viewing the dashboard on a monitor that wide. There are a few options:

  1. For the “Size all columns to fit” option on tables, you will need to go into the Edit option on the tile and set it in the vis settings there so it persists on the dashboard including on the dashboard including in downloads. 
  2. To increase the width generally beyond 1680, you can either modify the download URL (you will see 1680 in the download page URL, and you can change this number) or if you’re using the API modify the width option. 

Is there any plans to make the “Expand Tables” option available for custom visualizations? (Or some other way to adjust the height from within the custom vis dynamically). We have a MUI datagrid table we’ve developed into a custom visualization and would like to expand rows on print.


Can’t seem to find a good way to do this with with the built in events...or hacky work arounds 😄

@same I have a similar question. We have a column where the row-values have a lot of characters; how can we increase the height of each row instead of a really wide column