How to set a transaction date filer that's dynamic. 7 day span - 1 year ago, starting one day later. EX: (Week of 4.11.22, compared to week of 4.12.21)

  • 12 April 2022
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Hey guys, 

I’m trying to set up a dynamic time filter for transactions, but cannot find the appropriate way to express it. 

I need to compare a week from this year, to last year, with a starting date difference of 1 day. 

EX: Week of 4.11.22 (mon-sun),  compared to 4.12.22 (mon-sun)

So 1 year ago, plus 1 day, range of 7 days from there. This would allow me to schedule a report with this years information, as well as the relevant LY data to compare it with. 

Anywhere I can start? I’m not all that savvy, but figure once i have it set I’ll be golden. 

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