How to keep the dashboard and Looks ID same across multiple looker instace

  • 9 November 2021
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We have two looker instances. We have dashboards from where we drill out to another dashboard or looks. The problem is the dashboards and looks are referenced by number (e.g. and etc). When we migrate to prod, the number changes. So the custom drilling will break. 

Is there any way to reference the looks or dashboards by name/path? or a way to keep the ID same across instances? 


Please share your suggestions.




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3 replies

And do submit the idea to our product team! 

Thanks Margaret. yes the only problem is with the Looks. but maybe lightweight dashboards is the way to go.

Hi Tanveer! 

The best way to have static dashboard references is to use LookML dashboards. Since the LookML dashboard is referenced by `model::dashboard` that will not change moving from one instance to the next.

There currently isn’t a way to have “LookML Looks,” but you can have single tile LookML dashboards to serve the same purpose. 


Definitely share your feedback with the product team using this process!