How To Format Multiple Non Combined Y Axes' Values

  • 5 October 2016
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I looked in the Excel documentation as well as other Looker resources and didn’t find anything on how to format Y Axes values in visualizations with multiple series that are not combined.

I tried “#,##0 | #%” for example, and a comma delimiter won’t work since that’s included in some of the formats.

Is there a different delimiter to use between Excel style formats to make this work?

5 replies

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Hey Paul,

Sorry that your post slipped through the cracks! This is currently not possible, but I’ve made the product team aware that this is something you would like to see in a future version!



Is it possible that the same type of graph has the same y axis ? just different graphs not using the same Y ?

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Hi @Wei_Wei - could you post an example of what you’re looking for here? Want to get a better understanding

for example, I don’t need y1 and y2 separately, i need that two combined and leave y3 as the secondary y axis only.

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Ah, thanks for that @Wei_Wei - that is something we’re currently working on. Right now it is only possible to have all three separate or all three combined.