How to enable tooltip for dimension/measure so description will display to the user when they mouse over object name in look (Table)

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I have description added for mesure and dimensions but that is only available when user do explore and hover over ‘i’ icon next to object name. Is it possible to have that description available as tooltip in Look, when user hover over name of the object?

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Hi @kshah7,

So, for example, on my local instance I have some baseball stats. I have a measure with a description:

and a column graph that has the player name dimension and that measure, Total RBIs:

Where were you thinking the description for the measure to show? On the Y-Axis where it says Batting Total RBIs?



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Currently I am using table as visulization. So I want to display description of the measures when user either click on the measure name or mouse over it.

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Hi @kshah7,

That is currently not possible but is something I can loop in my Product team with. You might, however, get around it with something like this although it is a little hacky.



Can you please let us know if this Tool tip functionality for Dimensions is now available/ will be available in a future release?

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Hello @kmahamk,

This functionality was released with version 4.14, so it’s available for use right now as long as your version has been updated.

Just add a description to the dimension you want to add the tooltip to like so:

  • dimension: dimension_name

    type: string

    sql: ${TABLE}.dimension_field

    description: “Put whatever description of the dimension or measure you would like here! :D”

Let us know if this you need further help with this issue! Enjoy your weekend!


Will Adams

Hi Adam,

I want to add a tooltip for a calculated column in a table. How can I do that?



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Hi @Swang2!

Currently it is only possible to add the tooltip to measures and dimensions in the LookML. I will definitely pass your feedback along to the product team and let them know this would be something you would like to see.




does the description show up in a visualisation other than table too and if yes where do I have to hover over?



Hi @richard.knobloch – It is not currently possible for the description to appear in a visualization. I’ll let our product team know that this is something you’d like to see.



Hi @carl.saffron - Any progress with displaying tooltips for table calcs?



Any update on this?

It would be oh so great if you could custom make both text and values to show in the tooltip. If you could, for example, mix text and values and display something like: 

In {month} sales were {total_sales} with a profit margin of {profit_margin}


It would be really really helpful, I need this functionality! 

Is it possible to get tooltip on collapsible tree vis?

any update on this? any way to add tooltip to table dimensions or measures or calculated fields?

@kshah7 is this what you are after? Looks like it is possible for table and other visualisations :)
requires html and some injection to get dynamic value change etc



@Marcin could you share how you manage to customize the message on hover? is it able to take row level customization? 


@kshah7 is this what you are after? Looks like it is possible for table and other visualisations :)
requires html and some injection to get dynamic value change etc




the following seems to work - The title is what you see in the mouseover.

@joserebelo @salman.saleem 

html: <a title={{ viewname.fieldname._rendered_value }}> {{rendered_value }} </a> ;;