How to embed links to other sites within a dashboard tile?

  • 27 March 2020
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Hello Looker Community -

Does anyone know of a way to embed links to other websites (ie. an IG post, or tweet) so that the site would render within it’s own tile on a dashboard? Similar to using an iFrame or container?

For example, if we had links to various tweets on Twitter stored in a table and ranked by the most liked, and we wanted the top tweet to appear on a dashboard tile, is there a way to do that?

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

3 replies

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This is sort of like making an API call to another resource from within Looker, which you cannot do (for security’s sake!).

You could set up your own script/service that somehow managed to screenshot tweets and log the URL of that screenshot to your database, then you could display those images inline in Looker.

But as far as live-querying another service to get some kind of information, or doing embeds within the Looker query results, I think you’re out of luck for security reasons.

If someone has figured out a way to do this securely, would love to hear!

thanks for the reply, izzy! but i didn’t mean an api call to a social platform per se. i meant more like if we already have a table that contains direct links to twitter posts (ie., could we put those URLs in a view on a dashboard and have it display the actual tweet like html (acting like an iframe or container)? What about embedding a YouTube video on a dashboard (rather than linking out to one)?

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Oh, interesting. Sorry for going so in depth in the wrong direction. I still don’t think you can do this, since you can’t use <iframe> tags for security reasons. If you had a table that included the URLs to an image of the tweets you could display those using <img> tags, which are allowed.