How to download all the tiles in a looker dashboard in CSV format?

  • 6 September 2022
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Is there an option to directly download a CSV file of a dashboard/tile through looker APIs?

For context here is the scenario we are looking for.
We need the `Download to CSV` option from a looker dashboard but we need to provide this for all the users in our system. 
Adding Embedded URL’s (through iFrame) requires users to be created for each and every user from our system, which is not required or the use case as we don’t need to picture view of the same.

So we are trying to build an `Download button` on our end which will invoke the dashboard API in looker(if it exists) specifying the parameters/filters which in return provides the CSV file which can be downloaded by the end user. This will need to use just one user in looker (one unique user to fetch this info).

Can this be done through looker API in any way? We are ok with async way as well. 
Like submit a request to find the CSV. Use some `status` API to check (polling) if the CSV is ready and then download when ready. 
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