How To do sectioning In looker Dash board

  • 6 February 2018
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Hi ,

I am trying to Replicate one of the bo report In Looker .In Bo’s and Cognos report Studio We have Sectioning Option.Do we have similar feature in looker.

If we do have this.Can you please provide me steps to Do sectioning on a specific column.

Thanks in Advance,


3 replies

Hi there Madhavi,

Sectioning as known in Cognos can be replicated in Looker pretty easily with pivots. You can define your section headers in a new dimension and pivot you data by it. Also is possible, if you handle a limited amount of tables, to create a dashboard with some text-only tiles and looks.


Hi @Madhavi

did you figure out a way to display the data in sections just like BO. I am new to looker and trying to convert a BO report that is displayed in sections and data within the section are all dimensions.


Hi Diego, i tried pivots, but since i am trying to display only dimensions but no measures, pivot is not working as expected. can you please share some knowledge.

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Looker can’t handle sections like you know it from SAP BO.

What you can do (which is basically similar, but not nearly as powerful) is to split a chart into small multiples.

For simple charts you can use it to simulate sections.

But if you take another look at the concept of Looker, it’s clear why Looker can’t (and hopefully - and I say this after 5 months of use - won’t).

Looker does not have a micro-cube like in Webi or even structures like Tableau or Power BI.

Everything goes directly to the DB.

But to enable sections, you would have to load more data into Looker (make it available there with high performance) and then you would have a completely different reporting.

It is important in Looker to think about what the customer really needs as information and then work with drill-downs and filters.

A fast DB and a good data model are basic requirements.

But this is rewarded by a real single source of truth.

BO doesn’t have this, even if we always think so because of the universe.

But since the Universe at BO has in most cases only the basic logic and still a lot is done directly on the report, the single report is different and unique.