How to convert a solid line chart into a dotted line ?

  • 2 March 2021
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Hey team,


So I am creating a Look where I have 2 line charts but I need one of them to be dotted line to show as our Forecast line. Any idea how I achieve that ?

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2 replies

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Ohh you found one of the little things that bother me. Unfortunately the line chart doesn’t get any extra settings about the line itself apart from Line Interpolation, therefore it’s always solid..

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Hi AbhiDman,


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to to convert a solid line to a dotted line. There are a few alternatives you could do:

  1. In the visualisation settings under ‘Series’, you can change the type for forecast as a scatter
  2. You could change the colour of the forecast to a lighter version of the actuals colour, to indicate it’s a forecast
  3. If you or a team member knows javascript, you can create a custom visualisation which has this feature. There is some more documenation on this here.

Hope this helps!