How to change order of stacks in stacked area chart?

  • 21 November 2017
  • 5 replies

I can create a % stacked area chart easily enough, but I want to change the order of the stacks. How can I do this?

Data: Dates define the rows. The stacks are defined by a column which I have pivoted.

5 replies

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@aqm on the viz edit menu > Plot > Series order. You can select ‘automatic’, based on the sort order of the pivots in the results or ascending/descending.

@brecht Hello, I face a similar issue and cannot find the Series order option. Any other way to get this done? Thanks.

same here, cannot find Plot > Series order.

Anyone find a solution to ordering the stacks in a Area chart?   I tried everything…. I think

Visualization > Edit > Plot > Sort Stack is visible on a Column chart.


For area chart, you could use a pivot table to sort both columns and rows - as one of them should be your stacked data.