How to always show the legend in a 100% stacked bar chart?

  • 24 January 2023
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I’m doing a 100% stacked bar chart. With data points in both categories, it would show up like this:

Stacked 100% bar chart with the legend showing

I realized that when there’s only one data point such that it’s 100%, the legend does not show, and requires you to hover over it.

Stacked bar chart with no legend, so it requires the user to hover over the chart.

I’m planning on sending this out as a PDF, so the interact-ability is not there for users. Is there a way to always show the legend for this tile?


Thank you, all help is appreciated.

1 reply

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I’ve had luck with creating case statements in lookml which will allow you to fill the field in the uI. This will show the legend for all fields in the case statement at all times.