How to add color and alignment on the text tile Title and Subtitle?

  • 2 September 2020
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Hi. Beginner user of Looker, I’m trying to see I can change the color of a title (text tile) and align this same title on the left? I need to do this to enhance the storytelling effect of my dashboard but I don’t know how to do it.

I saw the documentation with Markdown but it does not seem to contain what I need ( I also read documentation about parameters but I did not find what I need (

Is it something you could help me with? It’s the last part of the dashboard I’m creating.

5 replies

Have you solved it yet? @ramenos . If yes, how did you go about it?

You might want to try this @ramenos 

<font color="blue" size="5">Blue Size 10</font>

<font color="red" size="4">Red Size 6</font>




You can change the size and color as you wish.


You might also want to check other tags and attributes that are useful/suppoerted in Looker. ps: This might change over time.


I hope this helps!

Hi @Kehinde, as a follow up question, how do I change the theme of my dashboard on looker to dark?

In my dashboard lookML, I tried adding the field: 

    background_color: "#000000"

But it doesn’t cause any changes. 



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@tonbodin That feature is currently only available for embeded dashboards - you can’t do this in Looker yet.

@tonbodin That feature is currently only available for embedded dashboards - you can’t do this in Looker yet.


@tonbodin We hope this will be released soon.