How to account for Looker dashboard load time?

  • 23 June 2022
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We’re looking to expose Looker dashboards to our clients and want to get the dashboards as fast as possible. We’re using a Snowflake connection to load data into the Dashboard. I’ve noticed some situations where the Looker dashboards take a significant amount of time to load, compared to the time it takes to finish a query on Snowflake. As a test, I created a small table with 1 row and 1 column to pull into a small Looker dashboard with 1 tile showing 1 number. The query takes 739ms to run in Snowflake but the dashboard loads in 3 seconds.


Does anyone know why it might take more than twice as long to load a Looker dashboard as it takes to actually get the data? From my experience, we don’t have these issues in Postgres. Does anyone else experience issues just like this? Does anyone have any tips for troubleshooting this issue? I’d be curious how I could fully account for the time it takes to get a dashboard rendered in Looker.

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