How do I separate date and dimension (company) to make a line chart?

  • 26 May 2022
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I have the following data 

date, organization, some_percentage 

2022-05-23, company_a, 0.78

2022-05-23, company_b, 0.80

2022-05-23, company_c, 0.67

2022-05-24, company_a, 0.79

2022-05-24, company_b, 0.805

2022-05-24, company_c, 0.68


I want a line chart with the X axis as the date (just one date), and left Y axis as the percentage. I want the company names to be on a legend with different colors so that for each date, I see the companies changing percentages over time. In other words, I want to see just one ‘2022-05-23’ on the x axis, and each company’s percentage for that date, and then ‘2022-05-24’ I want to see each company’s percentage and so on...


What is currently happening: On the X axis, I get a date AND org (ie. ‘2022-05-23 company_b’, ‘2022-05-23 company_a’, and so on). 



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Click PIVOT on the company/organization name. This will create separate lines for each


@Dawid I figured it out before you replied but I am happy we came to the same resolution! Thank you for answering. 👊🏽