Hierarchical Filters

  • 16 April 2022
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Hello I have a question about having filters affect the results you see in other filters inside of Looker.


So far I’ve been trying without success, but in short, I am trying to do the following: I have the following hierarchy chart:

It starts with the three teams at the top - this would ideally be the first filter, with those three options.

However - if I choose Product Team - Filter 2 should only show Product Manager 1 and Product Manager 2 - it should not show the other positions at that level.

And the same logic for filter 3. I would first select Product Team, then I could select Product Manager 1, and then I would have the choice of Product Invididual 1 or 2 in Filter 3.


Is this possible to do inside of Looker? Right now, when I select Product team and go to Filter 2 - I can still see all the Engineering Manager roles. And - this has been abstracted - in the real case, there would be a 20+ options at Filter 1, 100+ at level Filter 2 (before it is filtered by Filter 1), and 1000+ at level Filter 3 (before it is filtered by Filter 2).


Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

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