Hiding many fields from explore

  • 23 February 2021
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I have many fields (more than 200) in my view that I would like to hide from exploration because all of the data within this field is null, is there a way to automate hiding all of these fields using a sql command and lookML?

Essentially a command thats like:


Hide ALL columns where “for all rows, that column is completely null”

3 replies

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In order to do that, Looker would have to read the whole table and it would have to be at the point of creating the Explore UI, therefore the answer is no, there is no way to automate it, sadly.

@Dawid_Nawrot HI, thank you so much for the quick response! I had another separate question: I’m trying to embed external visuals into a looker dashboard. I have a power BI report that I would like to embed into my looker dashboard, how can I do this through the lookML dashboard code?

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The only way I would attempt something like that is to create a Text tile and use HTML <iframe> code inside that to see if it works. Long shot though!