Hiding empty columns across broad date range

  • 14 March 2017
  • 2 replies

Hi all,

I have been looking around and have a feeling that there isnt a solve yet, but figured Id give posting a shot in case there is a looker wizard out there.

I am looking to do a running total of orders across multiple columns. This works well, but the problem arises when you pivot by month, using the filter Sales Order Date: “this month, 12 months ago for 1 month”

Basically I want a comparative running view of the 2 months side by side, but keep getting all months in between as nulls. I really just want the 2 and to exclude all months in between. I was hoping the “Hide ‘nos’ from visualization” would work but thats only for rows I believe.

Anyone with ideas for a workaround besides a dashboard with 2 tables? Id like them to be together. Thanks!

2 replies

Hi @lchang ! Would you be able to provide a screenshot of what the Explore currently looks like? I’m wondering if dimension fill is currently turned on for that date dimension – which would explain the nulls in between the months with no data. Selecting “Remove Filled-in Dates” would do the trick to remove those nulls.

Alternatively, building out Month To Date logic in the LookML could be another approach – as per this article, which incorporates similar logic illustrated by Week To Date analysis: Week-to-Date (WTD) Comparison

WOW I didnt even see that option… thank you so much! Remove Filled-in Dates worked PERFECTLY.