Hide/Unhide visualization by filter

  • 29 November 2022
  • 2 replies

Hey guys,

maybe some one know how can I create custom filter which one will be show the visualization that I choose.
For example:
I have two visualization 1st with count of dogs in hospital, 2nd one count of cats in hospital(it’s example =)). And I want to create a dropdown filter with two variants(dogs, cats) and based that I chosen, I what to show my variant, If i choose dogs - show chart with dogs, cats - chart with cats, but hide unchosen variant. It’s will be like a switcher between visualization 

2 replies

You can create a measure which generate data based on parameter selected, if you select a parameter dog or cat, measure value will also change according to same and right data can be displayed in same graph.


Or if you just want to hide the measure based on parameter then it is still possible to generate null or zero values which will not get displayed in graph.

@fastkumar09-1639134109, thx, but I have main chart, and I need to create more granularity chart and hide they and if main users need to see that chart, they can click on the filter/button and show, click again and hide, something like that.