Hide Looks on Dashboard based on filter

  • 16 January 2018
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I created a dashboard with several Looks on it and added some filters. One of the charts doesn’t have any values when a specific value of filter is selected, but instead of simply showing that chart empty (which is confusing some users, making them think that was an error on that chart), I want to hide that chart when that value is selected on the filter.

Is it possible to do that?

28 replies

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@Ellio did we find any resolution on this? It is a pretty common scenario.

+1 is anyone from Looker actually reading these? 4 YEARS is a long time for a piece of functionality thats in PowerBI, Tableau and others OOTB


+1 for this feature. We do have dashboards in which certain tiles have no data (when a certain filter is applied) and it kinds of look unclean. It would be great if there was a way to hide Looks on Dashboard based on filter.

+1 for this feature, I think Looker can provide more functionality on Dashboard.

Hi IanT, I agree with you… yet it depends on the use case.
In my personal situation, the Explore that are empty are expected to be empty when the filter kick in. So there is no need for my users to see the big empty block. I guess it’s the same as the OP.

Would be great if we could get an update on this @Ellio :) we have a client which have requested a dashboard to do this specific thing

+1 for this feature.

+1 for this feature.

This is blocker for us, waiting for it long time.

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does anyone have a workaround on this?

Hi @maryliag,

While it isn’t currently possible to hide Looks on a dashboard automatically (when no values are present), I will go ahead and let our product team know about your request and specific use case.

Thank you, and have a good one!


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I remember a feature in Crystal Reports from ages ago where we could specify a message that would display if no results. It was very helpful; I haven’t seen anything like it in forever.

I’d like this as well - It will help a lot with dashboard reuse, where we can create general-purpose dashboards that are reused, without showing tiles that are not relevant.


We too would like a way to do this, even if it means using liquid code. 

+1 yes please

Hey everyone. Any update on how to achieve this? This is a feature I’ve seen many people asking for. Dynamically hiding or showing certain tiles would be a wonderful feature.

Hi @Ellio ,

Same question as above. Is there any way we could vote for the Feature Request (“Hide empty looks on dashboards”)?

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Knowing there is no results can be just as important to know than seeing results if it has hiding the look (depending on use case) I think is confusing, it would be better for the look to clearly state no results rather than it disappear.

+1 yes please

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I’m curious what problems Looker was trying to solve with its ‘next gen’ dashboards…. I keep running into threads like this where people request the same thing for years with no avail. 

+1 for this simple, common sense feature that people have been requesting for four years. 

This would be a great feature. Really wish Looker would work on refining little things like this. The base product is functional but it has so much more potential.

@kfrancis  You nailed the biggest issue I have with Looker, they have a fantastic model and data exploration and API but people want BI components and compared to the others vendors they are way behind. I get it that we can build our own but to me thats like buying a car and being told to put in your own seats and steering wheel.


Brief: As a work around… You can mostly hide a bubble map chart by telling it to plot both North Pole and South Pole.



I had the same concern, and found a workaround for my use-case.  I have bubble maps that I’m using for a printable report.  In some cases the map is intended to represent no data, and the map would show a zoomed out view of a side of the world with plenty of oceans to waste ink (even in “silver” theme)  I just discovered that I can change my source data to add 2 bubbles when it should be intentionally blank.  If I put a bubble on the “North Pole” and a bubble on the “South Pole” the map returns a completely white image for the map, there are a few texts that still show but still this will save ink (or the time used to hide the maps manually) - this works like a charm for my use-case.

I hope this work around is helpful to others who are also waiting for this feature.

Knowing there is no results can be just as important to know than seeing results if it has hiding the look (depending on use case) I think is confusing, it would be better for the look to clearly state no results rather than it disappear.

That’s basically making a blanket decision for everyone, irregardless of their actual use case.

For example, what if someone was building a troubleshooting dashboard or hierarchy discovery dashboard, and they only wanted to show tiles depending on what filters have been set, or the use of actions in a field in a visible look? 

There’s a lot to be desired with Looker’s next gen dashboards.  A lot of functionality that plenty of other tools have, that just aren’t there.

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We are also looking forward to see this feature