Hide Looks on Dashboard based on filter

  • 16 January 2018
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I created a dashboard with several Looks on it and added some filters. One of the charts doesn’t have any values when a specific value of filter is selected, but instead of simply showing that chart empty (which is confusing some users, making them think that was an error on that chart), I want to hide that chart when that value is selected on the filter.

Is it possible to do that?

8 replies

Hi @maryliag,

While it isn’t currently possible to hide Looks on a dashboard automatically (when no values are present), I will go ahead and let our product team know about your request and specific use case.

Thank you, and have a good one!


@Ellio did we find any resolution on this? It is a pretty common scenario.

Would be great if we could get an update on this @Ellio :) we have a client which have requested a dashboard to do this specific thing

+1 for this feature. We do have dashboards in which certain tiles have no data (when a certain filter is applied) and it kinds of look unclean. It would be great if there was a way to hide Looks on Dashboard based on filter.

+1 for this feature.

Hi @Ellio ,

Same question as above. Is there any way we could vote for the Feature Request (“Hide empty looks on dashboards”)?

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Knowing there is no results can be just as important to know than seeing results if it has hiding the look (depending on use case) I think is confusing, it would be better for the look to clearly state no results rather than it disappear.

Hi IanT, I agree with you… yet it depends on the use case.
In my personal situation, the Explore that are empty are expected to be empty when the filter kick in. So there is no need for my users to see the big empty block. I guess it’s the same as the OP.