Hide columns of looker reports during download in look

  • 2 August 2018
  • 5 replies

Hi , Management wants to hide some of the columns of looker report while download it in excel form or any other form. Could you please give us any suggestions that how to hide/restrict no of columns of looker report while downloading it .

5 replies

Hi Sunil,

Thanks for reaching out to us with your question.

So this is actually not currently possible I’m afraid. It is however a feature request the product team are looking to implement in the future. I will pass along that you would like to see this feature too.

Have a nice day 🙂



hi Jay,

Thanks for attending my query.

I have one more query related to look. As you know that we can download looker dashboard report as well as we can schedule it by clicking on gear icon .

But do we have any such facility to schedule a Specific look of Dashboard. Can we see options like download, schedule on the right corner of look on dashboard ? or is there any such setting is available so that it will appear such options on dashboard look ?

Thanks, Have a nice day 🙂



Hey again Sunil,

No problem at all, always here to help! 🙂

So, on the look within a dashboard you have the options to do the following (when clicking on 3 dots)

  • Explore from here (clicking here will bring you to the look where you can schedule)

  • View original look

  • Download data

  • Clear cache & refresh

And on the Look itself you have the following options;

  • Save as a Look

  • Save to Dashboard

  • Download

  • Send

  • Schedule

  • Share

    and a few more…

So you don’t have the option to schedule a specific tile within a dashboard but like I mentioned you can explore from here or go to the specific look to do this.

Thanks Sunil,



Hey Jay,

I would be happy if I get fourth option of look on dashboard as ‘Schedule’. Because when we give an access of dashboard to customer through our app, we allow to see only “download data” option by hiding other options, So here if we allow one more option for “Schedule”, it would be easy to customer to schedule individual look(grid) report. So please tell us whether do we have any setting in looker to show this option of '“Schedule” for look on dashboard.

Thanks Jay for quick response.



I am also looking for the answer for this question. It has been three years since Looker staff answered the question. So I am wondering is there any updates on this now? Thanks