Heat Map for Indian regions

  • 18 August 2017
  • 3 replies

I’m looking to build district-wise heat maps for India. I’m able to plot points and also use grids but how to create district-wise heat maps (need boundary of district to be shown and filled with colour of the heat.

3 replies

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Hey @Rahul_AV, this website has a lot of shapefiles for each country with different levels of granularity which may be what you are looking for!

Once you have the shapefile you can use this Discourse article to see how to convert it to a TopoJSON format file.

You will then be able to drag the TopoJSON file in the instance (Under the Other files).

Now that the file with your custom map is in the instance, you can define a map_layer_name which will ‘connect’ one of your Looker dimension to a property key in the JSON file.

I’ve created a map_layer but how to connect my data with it? what should be the field name?

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Hey @Rahul_AV, once you have the map file you can see in the code for the file which field is present in that TopoJSON which will match your field in the corresponding field in your table.

Once you know which fields to pair you can follow this article here which will show you how to define a map_layer_name and connect it to your field in the dimension in LookML.