Having trouble with custom visualization

  • 1 February 2021
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Hi @all,

I have created a custom visualization in looker and I have put the same in github but for some reason whenever I give the raw git URL. It doesnot work as per the documentation.

So, I have tried the same for the code in here

The same thing is happening .It not working unless we use the CDN link


Can someone suggest an workaround for this? or else if there is way where we can convert the git Code same as in CDN link . Please let me know.


Thanks in advance



1 reply

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Hi @mounica,


When you try to use the original version, if you open up your JS console, could you send me a screen grab of what the output looks like please? I would imagine we should see some errors or warnings there.

Generally, we recommend uploading the JS file into the Lookml project with a manifest file or using a service like JS Deliver.