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  • 18 July 2019
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Grouped Table view subtotals, sums related column disregarding the calculation of the measure.

Revenue RR column is calculated by Net Revenue / Target Net Revenue which shows as 47% for the first column. However, in the subtotal area of the family, it is not calculated like that. Instead, it is the sum of all Revenue RR.

4 replies

hi Izzy,

sorry forgot to mention that. Yes, this is custom subtotal JS visualization. I tried to use Table-Next but it is not stable at all. Sometimes it shows subtotals sometimes it does not.

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Is this the Table-Next subtotals, or using the older custom visualization from ?

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Gotcha— I’ll pass the word along, but I think it’s less likely that we’ll be putting work into the custom viz now that subtotals are going to be natively included in Table-next (and ultimately just Table).

The viz is open source, so it’s not out of the question to poke about yourself and see if you can see anything easy to fix!

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I’ve faced this issue with the custom subtotal visualization as well. I only glanced at the logic to see if it was fixable because it seems like way more effort than it’s worth given that Table-Next is moving along. I use other means to show data or export it in ways that it can be collapsed nicely.