Full Localization of a Dashboard

  • 2 September 2021
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Hello everyone. Hoping tofind a work around to our problem with localizations. Our company embeds User Defined Dashboards into our application. We are a global company and therefore support several languages. We have localized our LookML model without issue and this accounts for most of the labels that need translated on a dashboard. However, there appear to be some items like the titles of the tiles, the title of the dashboard, and custom axis names that cannot be translated.


The biggest problem is the title of the tiles themselves. With out this translation it is impossible for foreign users to identify the purpose of each tile in the dashboard. Has anyone found a way to work around this to get the titles translated? Localization of only the LookML model seems to have limited benefit if dashboards themselves cannot be fully translated.


Thanks in advance for any advice.



2 replies

Is there any update on this, it’s critical to our application

With localized labels you can localize any LookML files and language UI as explained in this blog post:

This includes LookML dashboard files, which are explained here:

You can get the LookML for current dashboards and add them as files in your project. You could then localize titles, descriptions, text, comparison_labels, and single_value_titles within them. Remember, to see all fields you can localize, add the dashboard to your project and set localization to strict, which will give you a validation error for all fields you haven’t localized yet.