Formating Column & Line Chart

  • 13 April 2017
  • 4 replies

I’m attempting to create a column & line chart with column on left-hand y-axis and line on right-hand y-axis. However, now my columns have no space or break between them and my line is hidden behind the bars. In addition, I want to make a reference line based on the second right-hand y-axis. How???

4 replies

Hey Joe,

Thanks for your questions.

  1. In order to put spaces between the columns you’ll want to select Ordinal scale type in the X panel. This should make the boxes for Spacing and Inner Spacing available in the Plot panel. [More info here] (

  2. To bring the line chart to the front of the visualization you want to move the field for the line series to the left of the field for the column series in the Data Panel. Looker renders the leftmost series in the Data Table as the ‘top’ visualization.

  3. Similarly, reference lines are based on the leftmost or ‘top’ series in the Data Panel. You can move this series to the right axis in the Y panel.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Hey @swhite ,

I have a ‘calculated’ measure as the line chart which gets rendered behind the columns.

since it’s a calculated field, I am not able to drag the field to the left side in the Data Panel.

Is there another way around this?


Hey @alenseb,

It sounds like you may be trying to move the Table Calculation to the left of a dimension. If that’s the case you can create a Calculation that just returns the value of the dimension, and you should be able to move the two columns around each other. Then you can hide the original dimension from the visualization.

If you have any further questions feel free to email a screenshot or link to



What’s the use case for burying the line behind the columns? This creates an issue when I want my primary metric and first series in the chart legend to be the columns and the secondary metric to be the line, which I want to appear on top of the columns.

I can either have:

  • Primary metric as first series in legend but line gets buried behind column

  • Secondary metric as first series (not ideal) and line correctly on top of the columns

I can’t get the primary metric to be the first series in the legend and the line to appear on top of the column.